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Dedicated To Humanity

Registration No: CHS-620/2018

Recent Activities :

Rohingya Camp

Rohingya maybe refugees to us but they are human being like us. So it’s our duty to help them in their needs. We (ASHF) have been helping Rohingans by providing them with medical treatment and medicine. We ASHF tried to create a friendly environment for Rohingya kids by establishing an amusement park for them.

Medical Camps

• Monthly medical camp: 15,000 beneficial • Specialized Eye camp: Treatment 11,000, Cataract operation 600 • circumcision: 700 Kids • Specialized Diabetic Camp: Treatment 3,000 • HBs Ag: 2000 • Blood group test 2,500

Ambulance Service

ASHF is providing emergency ambulance service for poor people in case of emergency. This emergency transport amenity facilitates 24x7 free of cost service to transporting dead body, any kind of emergency hospitalization as well as for pregnant women, new-born babies and their mothers.


Education is the basic human rights. But unfortunately theirs still some people in Bangladesh who is unable to get education beacuse of proverty.


Bangladesh is a small and densely populated country where 30% of people lives under poverty line of US$4 per day. As e result in time of natural disaster many people become homeless. And many have died wiout foods.


Sanitation system aim to protect human health by providing a clean environment that will stop the transmission of disease, especially through the faecal-oral route. We (ASHF) built many toilets and women bath facilities in different areas with the help of our donors.