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$1 Ensures free education to a children for 20 days.

There are still many female characters in the remote areas of Bangladesh who are Deprived of the light of education. They are also deprived from religious teachings of Quran. Most families submerged under the name of small loans in remote areas. One of the most powerful ways to overcome this terrible situation is the education and dependence programs for women in remote areas. In this project we can try to discuss how to provide religious and daily essential elementary education to the women of remote areas. According to the course curriculum, those women who will complete these primary education activities from here, those women will be involved in our project's second phase of self-reliance. This program of primary education will be known as "domestic school".

  • $1 ensures free education to a children for 20 days.

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“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”
— Muhammad Ali

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