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Food for helpless and homeless people(Bandarban)

In the remote area of ​​Bandarban, the Alhaz Shamsul Haq Foundation organized a food distribution program "Food for helpless and homeless people". This great event was held on the 12th of October, 2012 at the Bisari Model Noorani Ibadatayi Madrasa, Bandarban. Food is distributed among th..

Monthly Medical Camp of Oct'19

Alhaj Shamsul Hoque Foundation organized a free medical camp on the 1st Oct, 2019 at Al-Humaira Mohila Fadil (Degree) Madrasah. The medical camp was completed with the co-operation of Baitushsharaf Hospital, Cox's Bazar. The key event of that medical camp was eye treatment, Diabetes test, Jaundice t..

Food for helpless and homeless street people(Chattogram)

Alhaj Shamsul Hoque Foundation started a different kinds of program “Food for helpless and homeless street people”, which continued throughout the week from Tuesday 10th Sept 2019 to Monday 16th Sept 2019 at Al-Humaira Mohila Fadil (Degree) Madrasah, Golam Ali Nazir Para, under the Chandgaon pol..

Food And Shelter For Rohingya People

We(ASHF) tried to help rohinga by providing them with medical treatment and medicine.We tried create an friendly environment to rohinga kids by establishing an amunment park for them.So wee need others like you in this great cause.

Women Enlightenment & Empowerment Program

So, in aiming to eradicate this concerning we (ASHF) established 9 schools in Kurigram. The program is called Women Enlightenment and Empowerment (WEE). So far, 600 women from 300 families are enjoying its benefit.

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