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Monthly Medical Camp of Dec'19

Medical Camp of December'19 has been completed successfully

Alhaj Shamsul Hoque Foundation organized a free medical camp on the 1st October, 2019 at Al-Humaira Mohila Fadil (Degree) Madrasah. The medical camp was organized with the co-operation of Baitushsharaf Eye Hospital, Cox's Bazar. The key event of that medical camp was Eye test, Diabetes test, HBs Ag test, Blood group test, Circumcision and Cataract operation. That day, 62 person tested their eyes, 42 person tested Diabetes, 5 person tested Blood group, HBs Ag 5 persons, Cataract operation completed for 2 persons.
By that event more than 118 peoples were benefited.

  • Eye test: 62 persons
  • Diabetes test: 42 persons
  • HBs Ag: 7 persons

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