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Winter Cloth Distribution (Chattogram)

Winter Cloth Distribution In Chattogram

Winter clothes has been distributed to poor and helpless people under the initiative of the government-approved NGO Alhaj Shamsul Hoque Foundation, financed by Masjid Mission Center Inc (USA) at the premises of Al Humaira Mohila Fadil (Degree) Madrasah, Chandgaon, in Chattogram district. On that day, blanket has been distributed to helpless people of Amir Ali Khalifa Bari, Sanaullah Gazir Bari, Hasan Baper Bari, Aiyub Ali Munsir Bari, Golam Nazir Para (North), Golam Ali Nazir Bari (South), Ahmed Ali Master Bari, Sokinar Baper Bari and Fayez Ullah Bolir Bari. Besides that blanket was distributed to helpless and homeless street people in several place on Chattogram.

  • 100 beneficiaries

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