Hello Hospital, a specialized hospital of Alhaj Shamsul Hoque Foundation, has now brought outdoor services to its own office. Alhaj Shamsul Hoque Foundation took this great initiative when the people in Corona were being deprived of proper treatment. In Chandgaon of Chattogram area, this specialized hospital started its journey with medical services from 7th September, 2020. Anyone from any area can avail this service for free. Every day experienced doctors provide medical services for different diseases. Services are provided for various diseases including gynecology, pediatrics, rheumatism, diabetes, eye test, skin and sexually transmitted diseases, medicine. In addition, free diabetes, blood group, blood pressure diagnosis, including various diseases are tested. Medical services will be provided free of cost every day of the week from 3 pm to 9 pm. Besides, other services of Hello Hospital like telemedicine, ambulance service, oxygen service are running.

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— Muhammad Ali

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